Wormwood: "Top 5 Bits of SciFi Earcandy"

Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery is a full-cast audio drama podcast that I launched with Jeremy Rogers in 2007. We launched the series to go against the grain of the short films we had been producing at the time. The audio-only format allowed us to move through a lot of material at a fast pace and a low cost. The podcast format allowed us to reach hundreds of thousands more than we would with films in festivals. The format also allowed us to tell longform, serialized stories, something that appealed to both of us. And we still got to work with talented Los Angeles-based actors, which is something we really do enjoy as filmmakers.

Wormwood is truly a passion project and a labor of love, so I get just a bit extra-giddy when we get a really nice write-up somewhere. Recently, Floyd Salazar of FuriousFanboys.com, wrote up a great piece entitled “Top 5 Bits of SciFi Earcandy.” Wormwood was honored in one of these spots, and Salazar issued a quote that personally made my day:

“Wormwood is a professional grade production.  Accampo and Rogers head up an incredible writing staff, with varied backgrounds and talents, that come together to create a fantastic world and story.  The ensemble nature of the story allows the writers to explore their narrative from a multitude of angles.  Currently in it’s third and final season, each season of the show has a distinct feel – the creators are not afraid to take their creation in a new direction.  The cast is incredible – I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite – and all are given a chance to shine.”

This is truly what we hope for when we set out on a project like Wormwood. We realize it’s not for everyone. We make the show to satisfy our own cravings, our own need to tell a story the way we think it should be told, but it’s always incredibly gratifying to see it ‘click’ for someone else.

photo by jordanfischer via Flickr (Creative Commons).

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