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David previously wrote for the comics culture website, You can find a complete archive of his pieces here:


David’s short fiction has appeared in several different journals, ‘zines and websites.

Waiting To Be Forgotten: Stories of Crime And Heartbreak, Inspired By The Replacements, includes David’s short story, “Androgynous.”



In addition, as part of Habit Forming Films, David put together two short fiction anthologies of Sparrow & Crowe stories, editing one and contributing stories to both. Both volumes are currently available in the Kindle Store.

Weird Winter StoriesWEIRD WINTER STORIES (Out of Print)

‘Tis the season to be eerie in this volume of strange and unusual holiday tales featuring two-bit occult detective Doctor Xander Crowe and his partner, the sardonic hacker-magician, Sparrow. Together they encounter all manner of winter mysteries, from a new relationship troubled by Krampusnacht to a generational family story haunted by bloodthirsty tomte. Over the course of nine stories, the uncanny twosome come face to face with an assortment of sinister marvels, including festive homunculi, and a necessary plot to kill Santa. If you like your eggnog with a side of ectoplasm and brimstone, these Yuletide stories are ready to be read in front of a fire, with a glass of single malt whiskey, and maybe some rosary beads. Just in case.

Weird Romance

WEIRD ROMANCE (edited by David Accampo – Out of Print)

What’s that slithering from the murky depths? What foul Evil plunges icy daggers into your still-beating heart? What strange beast is this? What is this red rage that drives a man to madness? Ah, it’s love.In the second prose anthology featuring occult detective Doctor Xander Crowe and his partner Sparrow, our investigative duo tackles that most arcane of human elements: amour.

WEIRD ROMANCE features eleven tales of enchantment, intimacy, and—naturally—the occult, as Sparrow and Crowe find themselves involved in the strangest and most lovesick of cases: a macabre swampland fairytale, a haunted bakery on Valentine’s Day, a nightclub songbird with more than a taste for men, a double date gone awry, a severed head that continues to talk, a love potion with unexpected results, the tragic quest of a forlorn knight from ages past… all tales from the darkest chambers of the human heart.



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